Monday, February 7, 2011

Nearing completion of "Murder on Tiki Island"

"Murder on Tiki Island" is my latest novel, featuring Detective Bill Riggins (from Murder Behind The Closet Door). Only this time Riggins is only 28 years old, as the action takes place in New York City and the Florida Keys in 1956. More of a true gumshoe detective story in the traditional Noir style, Murder on Tiki Island will surely appeal to anyone who enjoys the stories of Mike Hammer, Phillip Marlow, or Sam Spade.

The story centers around Riggins who is forced to take a 'vacation' after getting caught doing some not-so-politically correct interrogating at his New York precinct. A friend turns him on to Tiki Island, a private resort in the Florida Keys, where he is treated like a celebrity. Tropical breezes, strong cocktails, and fast women promise to make this vacation one to remember, until a skeleton is uncovered on the resort's grounds...and Riggins is asked to help solve the mystery. His lighthearted investigation turns dark when his life is threatened, and one of the Island's top managers is murdered. Riggins' investigation begins to uncover more than just a few skeletons...including wild sex parties, drugs, prostitution, and corruption. And through it all are unexplained phenomena, where the paranormal collides with the ordinary.

Projected final of the first draft is late February, 2011, with the final edited version to be on sale by April.

-Christopher Pinto