Sunday, May 27, 2012

Free Kindle ebook: A Flash of Noir by Christopher Pinto


What's better than a free ebook?

A really good free ebook.

"A FLASH OF NOIR" by Christopher Pinto is available today, Sunday, May 27 & tomorrow, Monday, May 28 for FREE at Here's the link:

A Flash of Noir free ebook at

A Flash of Noir is a 5-star rated collection of flash fiction and short, short stories, laid down old-school style by Amazon bestselling master mystery writer Christopher Pinto. Writing in the genre of gumshoe detectives and sultry dames, creepy horror and hep cat jive, Pinto has put together a series of mostly one-page, 60-second reads that will transport you to another time...a darker, more sinister time.

From smokey bars in New York City to the tropical islands of the Florida keys, A Flash of Noir takes you for a spin through the seediest gin joints and darkest alleys. One minute you're speeding down I-95 in a hot rod, the next you're tasting cheap whiskey in a basement tap room where the women are heartless and the men are unforgiving. Gangsters, cops, private eyes, strippers, murderers, a few comedy pieces to keep you from wanting to slit your wrists.

Over 40 stories of crime fiction, ghost stories, retro fiction and short beatnik poetry plus noir-esque original photographs by the author make this a fast, fun read. There's even a flash written entirely of song titles...see if you can list every one!

Pinto is author of the new, up-and-coming Detective Bill Riggins paranormal mystery series, of which Murder Behind the Closet Door and Murder on Tiki Island have already been met with rave reviews. Murder Under the Boards, The Atlantic City Murder Mystery is due out next...soon. For more information on the series and the author, visit Stardust Mysteries Publishing at

-Christopher Pinto, author of
Murder Behind The Closet Door
Murder on Tiki Island
A Flash of Noir
Murder Under the Boards (coming Soon)