Friday, June 17, 2011

Kindle vs. Paperback: You can't collect kindle books

Ebooks are taking over (quickly) as the medium of choice for many readers. Amazon eBook sales reportedly surpassed US print sales this year, and show no signs of slowing down. Indeed, my Kindle versions of Murder Behind the Closet Door and Murder on Tiki Island are outselling the paperback versions 4 to 1.

Certainly eBooks are great: Convenient, inexpensive, and instantly available. You can store hundreds of ebooks in less space than a single traditional paperback. There's only one catch...

You can't show off your collection of eBooks.

It just can't be done. There's no bookshelf to keep them on, no way of having an author-signed copy or first edition. There's no "special dustjacket" or hardback edition available with eBooks. You can't even write a dedication in the flap when you give one as a gift.

I say eBooks have their place. They really are convenient, especially when traveling. But there's nothing, nor will there ever be, anything like the look and feel of a real book.

-Christopher Pinto, Author