Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Those Who Love Noir & Vintage Stories

Chris Pinto playing sax as Detective Bernie in "Who Shot The Piano Player!?",
StarDust Productions Mystery theater ran from 1999 to 2010. Our main focus was to bring a taste of comedy, mystery and music from days gone by to our audiences. All of our shows (written by yours truly, Christopher Pinto) incorporated jazz and swing standards, and borrowed heavily from the old time comedians including Jack Benny, Milton Berle and Sid Ceasar. We also took a lot of cues from Sinatra and Dean Martin in style, timing and personality. Every show opened with a sight gag; every performance ended with Star Dust by Artie Shaw.

I put the same spirit into Murder Behind The Closet Door. Set in 1979 with flashbacks to 1938 and the 1950s, MBTCD opens a window into times past through the use of music, characters and atmosphere. From the green shag carpeting in Heather's apartment to the dilapidated remains of Slate's house, the descriptive tone will pull you deep into the times and places of this book's world.

To read some excerpts from book, go to StarDust Mysteries and click on "What's Behind The Closet Door". Or visit to view the first and last few pages of the actual book.

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