Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Ghost Story, Day 7, Monday

Monday, Oct. 7.
Took off work and spent the entire day decorating. I kind of expected some strange things to happen, but only one bulb burned out. A new one, of course. A red one. Yes, another red one.

Something else happened today. Colleen got the notice: Laid off from work. yay.

The house is starting to look like a haunted mansion. I've been decorating for Halloween all my life, but have gone bat-crap crazy the last 20 years, turning the house into a house of horrors. I get this from my father, who loved to decorate for anything, and my mother, who loved the occult, and Halloween.

-Christopher Pinto, author of
Murder Behind The Closet Door
Murder on Tiki Island

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